Preventing Water Damage in Laundry Rooms: 10 Extremely Easy Tips

Whether you are soon going to be an owner of a new house or going to rent a house or sell a house, protection of the laundry room is going to benefit all in either of the cases. Washing machine is used twice or thrice in a week involving gallons of water for its working. Detecting problems at an early stage means saving on a huge amount.

girl in the laundry room asm

Try keeping an eye on the following 10 tips:

1. Regularly check the water supply pipe lines leading to washing machine. Supply pipelines are the utmost source or point of origin to any kind of damage to the laundry room. If you happen to spot any kind of cracks, bubbles, blisters or a loose connection, make sure to replace it immediately. Use braided stainless steel flex line rather then standard rubber counterparts.

2. A three to four inches’ gap should be maintained between the wall and the washing machine to prevent kinking and any other kind of damage.

3. It is necessary to have shutoff valves on the water supply lines. When the washer is not in use, the shutoff valves stop the supply of water and relive the pipeline from regular high pressure, thus reducing the risk of a leakage.

4. The built in drain filters of a washing machine should be regularly cleaned to avoid any flooding on the floor of the laundry room. Even the filter screens in the inlet valves should be regularly checked.

5. If you are moving into a new house, make sure to tell the plumber to have a floor drain in the laundry room. Any sort of leakage will be taken care by the floor drain pans.

6. If your washer drains into a laundry sink, make sure to check inside of the sink before you are all set for starting a washing load. Do not clutter things around the laundry sink to avoid anything falling into it.

7. Check the shutoff valves and supply lines to the laundry sink.

8. Keep an eye and be extra vigilant if the laundry room has a water heater. If not, call a reputed plumbing agency and have it installed right away!

9. Sometimes no amount of checks and inspections work and the disaster couldn’t be predicted in spite of great amount of maintenance and care. Washing machine is involved with lot of electrical and mechanical components that can actually lead to serious damage. To prevent any such unpredictable hassle, one can think of of investing into flood prevention device.

10. There are also products to automatically shut off water supplies and sound alarms too for a wakening call for any problem. Although, it is quite a costly investment, but one can always give a thought to it.

In short, remember the above tips from time to time to avoid any damage. Products like automatic washing machine shut offs, adjustable floor drains, stainless steel washing machine hoses, valves, outlet boxes, water detection alarms, water watcher alarm, and various flood stops devices are there in the market to look after your laundry room, so that you cherish this place like any other part of the house.