Preventing Water Damage in Laundry Rooms: 10 Extremely Easy Tips

Whether you are soon going to be an owner of a new house or going to rent a house or sell a house, protection of the laundry room is going to benefit all in either of the cases. Washing machine is used twice or thrice in a week involving gallons of water for its working. Detecting problems at an early stage means saving on a huge amount.

girl in the laundry room asm

Try keeping an eye on the following 10 tips:

1. Regularly check the water supply pipe lines leading to washing machine. Supply pipelines are the utmost source or point of origin to any kind of damage to the laundry room. If you happen to spot any kind of cracks, bubbles, blisters or a loose connection, make sure to replace it immediately. Use braided stainless steel flex line rather then standard rubber counterparts.

2. A three to four inches’ gap should be maintained between the wall and the washing machine to prevent kinking and any other kind of damage.

3. It is necessary to have shutoff valves on the water supply lines. When the washer is not in use, the shutoff valves stop the supply of water and relive the pipeline from regular high pressure, thus reducing the risk of a leakage.

4. The built in drain filters of a washing machine should be regularly cleaned to avoid any flooding on the floor of the laundry room. Even the filter screens in the inlet valves should be regularly checked.

5. If you are moving into a new house, make sure to tell the plumber to have a floor drain in the laundry room. Any sort of leakage will be taken care by the floor drain pans.

6. If your washer drains into a laundry sink, make sure to check inside of the sink before you are all set for starting a washing load. Do not clutter things around the laundry sink to avoid anything falling into it.

7. Check the shutoff valves and supply lines to the laundry sink.

8. Keep an eye and be extra vigilant if the laundry room has a water heater. If not, call a reputed plumbing agency and have it installed right away!

9. Sometimes no amount of checks and inspections work and the disaster couldn’t be predicted in spite of great amount of maintenance and care. Washing machine is involved with lot of electrical and mechanical components that can actually lead to serious damage. To prevent any such unpredictable hassle, one can think of of investing into flood prevention device.

10. There are also products to automatically shut off water supplies and sound alarms too for a wakening call for any problem. Although, it is quite a costly investment, but one can always give a thought to it.

In short, remember the above tips from time to time to avoid any damage. Products like automatic washing machine shut offs, adjustable floor drains, stainless steel washing machine hoses, valves, outlet boxes, water detection alarms, water watcher alarm, and various flood stops devices are there in the market to look after your laundry room, so that you cherish this place like any other part of the house.

Plumbing Secrets Which Only Professional Plumbers Know

The profession of plumbing is age old. Millions of dollars are spend on hiring plumbers every year. This profession itself has its own secrets and tricks. So let’s know about some of those secrets of plumber in Mississauga and save hundreds of dollar every year.

Main turn off switch

The most common of all plumbing problem one faces is, over flowing of the pipes. Talking to a plumber will let you know that they get dozens of call every week, with people explaining about how their home is getting flooded due to an overflowing or broken pipe. Now in such a crisis full situation, one needs desperate help from. This desperation leads to heavy charging from the plumber’s side. Now the trick that lies behind this is, every water supply system in a house happen to possess a main turnoff switch. All one has to do is know about that switch from the blueprint of the drainage system of the house and switch it off. The plumber simply charges hundreds of dollar to walk in the door and switch the system off, followed by further diagnosis.

Seasonal Precautions

The skeleton of the plumbing system is made up of metals. Now the property of these metals is expansion and contraction with seasons. So when installing these systems, adequate space should be kept. Also during winter when when the temperature goes down way below the freezing temperature, the exposed parts of the pipes like the opening of the faucets, need to be closed. As that will help in insulation, and save you from the cracks one has to bear in the pipe due to frozen water.

Clogging of drains

Clogging of the drains is one of the easiest problem to shoot up out of the blue. One gets no clue when it will happen. Some of the major reasons of the drains being clogged is hairs that drop out. The plumbers charge hefty amounts to clear those clogs, and we are so helpless about the situation. A plumber Toronto will always suggest to install strainer in every outlet, which goes to the main swear. Also a smart action is, when deciding on the design, an bypass connection for outlet should also be installed. So as if one is clogged, the other can come to the rescue.

Accidental cellphone drop

The plumbers recount that, very frequently people tend to drop their cellphones in the flush. Now the immediate reaction of the person is disgust, so even the thought of recovering the phone from human disposal is out of question. But the reality is, the flush are designed such that the phone never go down so as it is in contact with the dump. If it’s an extremely precious phone, with important data. It can be recovered by professional plumbers.

Helping them out

It downs on to the responsibility of the plumbers to make sure that your issue is resolved. But if one takes the effort of giving them a helping hand. It goes a long way. Next time when the plumber is in a busy schedule, he will make sure you top his priority list.

Why Should You Always Hire The Top Plumbing Service Provider For Your Work?

Plumbing is the best way to keep our home healthy and hygienic which in turn safeguards our family. It is very important to be aware about the importance of regular maintenance of plumbing system of our home. Most of the times, plumbing problems occur in unexpected time which creates emergency in the whole household creating a mess. It may also cause some life threatening infections. So, it is better to avoid such nuisance by taking necessary precautionary steps.

A plumbing system is actually one of the primary systems of the house. Plumbing involves installation of gas line and gas appliances, sewage system, drinking water service, hot water service, fixing leakage of pipes etc. Any kind of problem related with plumbing needs specialist’s care with special instruments. Though you can fix minor problems yourself sometimes, it will not be very wise decision to do so always. The trick of saving more drainage of money is only to spend a few at the right moment. Always take the help of professional plumber in order to ensure the safety of your home as well as your family.

Finding the best professional plumber now has become easier than ever as there are so many of them. But you as a homeowner must be very cautious of choosing the best one for your home. Always check the facts that whether the company is well reputable, the plumbers of the company are all well trained and efficient, do they use technology or not, whether the company provides all time service, and last but not the least the company must possesses insurance and license of its own.

Besides finding the best plumber Toronto, you need as a homeowner must be aware of some facts. Never waste time as soon as you face any sign of plumbing problems. With loss of time, things get much worse than ever. Things begin to get deposited. Your property can be severely damaged due to your negligence. Another thing which you should keep in mind never show indifference even to any minor problems of your house as in most of the cases plumbing problems start as small problems which suddenly turn to be serious issue. A leak in the water pipe or gas line, clogged drains, clogged sinks or broken gutter can be very threatening to the health of the family as well as to the basement.

You also need to keep a regular maintenance of the whole plumbing system of your house. Look for the leaks in the pipes, clogging in the drains and gutter, water level of your toilet bowl as these are the common ways through which trouble makes its entry to your household. Hire one of the best professional plumbing companies available in Toronto on yearly basis to keep away from all of these. They will keep you your home and your family trouble free and ensure the longevity of your property using the best up-to-date technology. Hiring professional not only saves your time and money but also natural resources like water and energy. Take expert’s help and live close to nature.

Know How to Keep Your Plumbing System Clean And Long Lasting

Plumbing systems in our houses restore the health and hygiene of our family. The entire sewage is disposed by the plumbing equipment. It’s our part of the labor to make sure these systems are clean so that they can efficiently do their job. Breakdown of plumbing systems, leads to breaking down of the entire households workings. It may also lead to some life threatening infections. To evade all of this let’s see how one can keep the plumbing system spic and span.

Whole of the drainage system is connected with series of pipes, ranging from very small diameter to very large one.

With lapse of time, various things start to get deposited. Scales start to form. The flow volume decreases and the water pressure decreases too.

Let’s discuss how you can get rid of these clogged drains and pipes.

If the intensity of clogging is very low, pass some amount of hot water followed by an homemade solution of one cup salt, one cup baking soda and one-fourth cup of cream of tart, seal the outlets and let the solution stay for a couple of minutes  followed by hot water.

If this does not help the situation, the drain cleaning market has come up with many advanced technologies to help you out.

Most efficient of all is snaking the drains. It’s the best way to remove the clogs.

Snakes are metallic snake like structure which breaks the clogs and eats trough the clogs. But snaking needs the help from a professional plumber Toronto.

Apart from this one can also choose Jetters which are much more powerful. This equipment is digitized and can be controlled by visualizing the digital blueprint of the pipe.

Unscrewing or dismantling of the pipes should be the last option, and only be done by an experienced plumber.

Use of toxic chemicals and acids should be avoided. As they corrode the surface of the metals also the metal loses its shine.

Simple steps can be adopted, while installing the plumbing system to save oneself from the whole fuss of cleaning it.

Strainers with different kind of pore size is available in the market. They act as preliminary barriers and the pipes do not get clogged.

Also, inexperienced plumbers should not be hired, do make a note to inquire about the past experience of any plumber you choose to hire.

Installation of single unit of pipe should be done, as when multiple pipe heads are connected, they tend to loosened out with time, and thus starts the problem of clogging.

According to Mississauga plumber, Cleanliness of the plumbing system leads to a healthy life and family. Ignorance towards cleanliness of your plumbing system will cost you a lot in the long run.

The minor details regarding cleanliness keep all the worries at bay. So keep your plumbing tool kit handy, to handle small emergencies. Stick the phone number of any experienced plumber in your to-do board. And thus free yourself from all the plumbing night mares.

Learn How To Increase The Life of Your Plumbing System?

Plumbing system is nothing less than part of the lifeline of any household. Any malfunction in this system wreaks havoc in the house. Without water supply none of us can actually go about our regular daily schedule in any case. So, how do you ensure that your plumbing system remains perfect and its life is prolonged? Is buying the best pipes and other parts enough? According to Plumber Toronto, the answer to the latter, as many will guess, is no. You will have to ensure that your plumbing structure remains in proper shape through some basic care and maintenance.

Check for leakages on a regular basis. This might not be possible daily, especially if you are very busy and staying by your own, but the checking should be carried out as frequently as once in two days at the least. Leaking water not only is a great loss but also damages the building. It is not something that you will wish to have in your house. A water leakage can very quickly causes seeping of water into floorboard or building walls. Also leakages damage the joint of the pipes since mostly there are metal joints used which get corroded due to water and air. A thorough check is also essential, but that can be done much less frequently, may be once in a year. Also, for this purpose, it is a good idea to get professional plumbing contractors so as to identify any issue which is still at a nascent stage and might escape inexperienced eyes.

Your water heater and air conditioners might be using water and is connected to the water line. Make sure the lines are perfect. Also, checking the pressure in the shower is a good idea. A low pressure suggests that sediment might have built up in the pipes or there is a faulty line in any part of the plumbing system. Whatever be the case, you might need professional help for this purpose. However, checking for sediment accumulation is an easy process and can be done on your own. All you will have to look out for is deposit of thick layer of sediment, which is quite common in areas like the shower cap and the other tap openings.

You should have seen all the valves attached to your plumbing lines. Those who do not know, they are the emergency shut off valves which prevent any wastage of water or even gas (in case of gas lines) in case of any fault in the line. These are highly important to be kept functional. From time to time the integrity and working condition of the valves need to be checked. Since they are not put to use on a regular basis, they face the most risk of getting stuck or damages. At times these valves themselves become the source of leakage.

Keeping the plumbing lines working in the right condition is important. Professional plumbing contractors from Plumber Toronto can always be contacted in case of any damage, but prevention is always better than cure. Make sure you do not spend on unnecessary issues which could have been avoided.

Plan Your Garden Set Up – Essential Garden Plumbing Supplies

Garden Plumbing

Are you planning to setup your very own garden? Do you have one already and you are planning on refurbishing it completely? You will need to know exactly what you need for the job. The best course of action will be to prepare a list of the essentials so that you do not miss out on any point.

Whether or not you have a garden, if you want to have a beautiful one, it is important to make sure that you cover all bases. The primary concern, if this is the first time you are setting up the garden, is that you will have to get the best quality of soil and other nutrients, as well as select the types of plantations you wish to have. However, the most important concern, in any case, should be setting up the plumbing network in your garden with the help of Plumber Toronto.

The secret behind many lush green and colorful gardens is immense care and continual maintenance. The requirements of plants you will be planting are pretty basic, but the most important part is to keep the garden hydrated with the right amount of water. I will suggest you take a look at the various garden plumbing supplies available in the market when you are planning.

The options available in the garden plumbing supplies segment are pretty good. It is important that you have a basic idea about them all before deciding which all to buy and install. I will take you through some of the basic and most important garden plumbing items that you must consider installing in your garden.

If you are planning to have a decent sized garden, you should begin with hose pipes. If you thought there is not much variety in this segment, think again. You will find quite a variety in terms of material used and the quality. There are separate hoses available for hot water as well. This will be greatly useful in Canada, as the lowest temperatures in various parts get so low that it is mandatory to use hot water so as to save the garden. There are some designer hoses available as well, if you are particularly interested.

Sprinklers and fountains are the next most important addition for your garden. Many consider fountain just as an ornamental addition. It definitely is an attention grabber, especially if you check out some of the best designs available, but the purpose it serves is much more important. It helps in keeping the garden moist and let the plant thrive. It is not possible to keep water running through hoses at all times. Fountains and mists do the job with much less wastage of water.

While you are checking out the plumbing options available for your garden, do contact professional plumber Toronto as well. Plumbing equipment providers generally are able to provide contact of the best plumbers in the area. A professional will not only be able to set up the equipments properly, but will also provide good knowledge about maintenance of the equipments. So, get your garden ready.

Why and How to Remodel Your Bathroom?


When the whole house is renovated and repainted, why leave out your old and dingy bathroom, with its all slippery floors. After all no one is getting any younger. With this new era of technology, few easy and innovative ideas with the help of Plumber Toronto will give you your brand new bathroom. Let’s explore the option one has to remodel the bathroom, without really burning a hole in your pocket.

Bathroom Flooring

While selecting the perfect floor, few things should be of chief concerns, like water absorbing quality, durability and slipperiness. Let’s check out on different types of flooring material.

Stone Floor

Since time immemorial stones are used, every floor of monuments are carved out of stone. It is believed natural stones have some healing power, moreover no two stone floors has the same design or pattern. They give the best edge. They are highly durable, and last a life time. But as we know, every good thing comes at a prize, stone floors cost a lot and the installation process does cost a lot, but for the elegant classy look, stone are indeed the right choice to go.

Laminate Floor

These are layers of material being stickered together, one being the wooden layer while the topmost layer is patterned, one can choose any design as per choice. Maintenance, cleaning, and installation are pocket friendly as well. It can be installed over your previous floor. The oly drawback is they are not very durable.

Vinyl floors, Concrete floors, wooden floors, and bamboo floors

They are some other categories to select from. While choosing the floor few aspects has to be kept in mind like the intensity of use of the bathroom, the age group of people in the house, possible allergies from the used materials and environmental stress.

Bathroom Doors

Old dingy door with all its creaking sound is better to be replaced with new stylish doors available. Sliding doors or doors with glass painting, even changing the door handle adds to the look. With kids in the house, doors with images of cartoon characters can be installed. Wooden doors in bathroom with anti termite coating, Misty glass doors with designs are among some other options.

Bathroom lights

Designing should be done to maximize sunlight, without bargaining with your privacy. Adequate light is indeed one of the prime importance. The effect of the light should be as such to enhance your vision and offer you a relaxing atmosphere. Also the positioning of the light should be as such so that it is not reflected back by the mirror and highlights your face instead.

Bathroom accessories and storage

Beautiful soap dishes, bath mats and closet might add to the final bill, but they are most enhancing and easiest part of the entire Plumber Toronto remodeling process. Even little potted plants can be installed.

Lastly the whole process of remodeling should be designed before hand, every part to be reconstructed should be collected and only then the job is to be started, so that the day to day activity of the family is not intervened for long.