The Top Five Myths About SEO That Need to Be Debunked

Search engine optimization is a process that involves using strategies to increase your rankings in the search engines. There is a lot of great information about SEO Toronto. However, there are several myths about it that need to be debunked.

1. SEO Is A One-Time Thing

A good search engine optimization campaign is a lot like a workout routine. You have to consistent maintain your routine in order to get the most out of it. If you neglect search engine optimization, then your competitors will start to overtake you. The content will also began to lose its freshness.

2. Only Fresh Content Ranks High

It is important for you to consistently put out fresh content. However, it is still possible for you to rank high even if you have older content. The key thing you have to do to rank high is ensure that any content you put out is of good quality.

3. Duplicate Content Will Get You Penalized

Google has stated many times that it does not penalize duplicate content. However, this myth is still circulating. There are some things that you can do that will cause you to get penalized. This includes using undesirable URLs, backlink dilution and using syndicated content.

4. It Is Easier to Rank Long-Tail Keywords

You have probably been told that it is best for you to use long-tailed keywords because this helps you rank higher. The number of words that you use won’t have an effect on your rankings. You will likely get the same results regardless of whether you use long tail keywords or one main keyword.

5. It Is All About the Rankings

The main goal of SEO is to help you rank high. However, there is a lot more to it than just ranking high. It is important to note that just because your website ranks number one, that does not mean that it is getting the most traffic. That is why you should also focus on getting more traffic to your website.

You can increase traffic by covering the topic in more depth. You will also need to use more backlinks.

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